More Anti-Progressive Daydreams

The Fishers initially wanted $75,000 from Progressive (the difference between the at-fault driver’s claim and Katie’s). Progressive refused to pay. The Fishers aren’t legally allowed(?) to dispute that so they sue the other driver, and despite Progressive legally defending him, are awarded $750,000 in damages. Progressive may pay $75,000 of that and isn’t really liable for anything else.

BUT what if the at-fault driver sues Progressive? Not as an insurance company but as a shitty lawyer? He used them as legal counsel and now he owes $750,000! 

Get some altrustic genius lawyer (none) to take this case: sue Progressive for inept legal counsel which resulted in the at-fault’s driver $750,000 verdict.

THEN Progressive would HAVE to argue that they tried their DAMNDEST to get him off the hook!

OR they could say there was no way to argue the case because Katie was clearly not at fault!

OR they could pay the $750,000 damages to the Fishers on behalf of the at-fault driver!


So gross. This whole thing is so fucking gross.

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