I’m directing this show, in which  two sets of improvisers each create a Harold in the style of Philip K. Dick stories. This is going to be a great show! Some of the scenes they’ve created in class:

—A world in which pain is currency

—A world where time runs at different speeds

—A group of roadies for a band called The Jeremies, who have named themselves after a racial slur for a race of shape-shifters

—The Mississippi riverboat culture of the planet Venus

—A political candidate who denies using Drug X, even though an X is emblazoned in sweaty blood on his forehead

—A snake that devours anyone with a heartbeat, unless that person muffles the heartbeat by hugging someone

—A daughter’s bedroom covered in glow-in-the-dark stars, where each star is a recording of a dead relative saying “I love you.”

—A drug that makes you smarter but emotionless

—Star-crossed lovers with a girl from the Day People and the boy from the Night People (No reference meant to the Onassis sketch)

Lots of other great shit.

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    Holy shit. Make it time for this show already.
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    Couldn’t sleep last night because I was so excited for this. Or because replicants just don’t need sleep.
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    This sounds totally rad. I demand there be a scene that gets edited by a unicorn running across the stage.
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    Holy crap, this sounds amazing.
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    This class is awesome. Please come out to see us.
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    I am in this! It will be funny and awesome.
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