Stop ittttttt.

Yes, yes, yes.

This video is giving me all kinds of complicated feelings. Like, do I want to hook up with Kristen Stewart in a mustache?!

Great song, dope video

Jenny Lewis is so attractive in so many ways that I wonder who out there had their heart broken by her in real life and has to see this video come out and then sit in his room and convince himself that he’s cool with it, and that he doesn’t want her anymore and everything is GREAT just GREAT couldn’t be BETTER in fact, and then I think of the last episode of Freaks and Geeks where Nick is walking away in slow motion with his new girlfriend but he looks back and steals one last look at Lindsay and I’m like, “yup, that’s every rock and roll record, right in that moment” and then I lose track of what I’m thinking and I blink a few times and I’m in line at the bank and everyone is upset because there’s a teller available and I’m just standing there.